Piece-Performance in collaboration with Patricia Sayuri, 2019. Exhibited in “End.Open.End,” SPINNING TRIANGLES at SAVVY Contemporary – The Laboratory of Form-Ideas, Berlin.

Home Is a Reciprocal Noun seeks to enact human interconnectedness more radically through the performativity of the body as a mechanism for collective place-making. Physical togetherness and material intimacy create an opportunity to break with the myth of separateness, (re)situating and dis-covering oneself in the other. In this performative reality of non-borders, where do the bodies end and the space begin?

Through instances of shared experiences, the bodies, their gestures, and their movements activate the space as well as a mutual sense of belonging. Home Is a Reciprocal Noun is both a metaphor and a practice for a common notion of the self and an opportunity not only of collaborative ways of being but also of transcendence and (con)fusion.

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