Franca López Barbera is an Argentinian designer and researcher based in Berlin. Her work critically addresses the power dynamics that configure and are configured by design, particularly at the intersection of nature, coloniality, gender, and ethics. She is currently a PhD candidate at the where she develops a design theory of more-than-human consent against extractive regimes. In her research, she draws from local stories, feminist posthumanities, and decolonial theory to examine more-than-human entanglements in material/spatial practices.

Prior to this, Franca has experience in several forms of design, working with high fashion brands such as
for various design studios;
working for
major artists;
and collaborating with non-profits and academic institutions.

Franca studied Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires︎and holds an MSc. in Design Research from the Anhalt University with the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau and the Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2021, she curated , the Argentinian pavilion for the London Design Biennale. Currently, she collaborates with as an associate editor, developing compelling, critical stories around the politics of design with their fellowship participants.
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